Why a Collum treatment

A numerous amount of problems of the neck and the back have one thing in common : the position of the top three cervical  vertebrae between them , and their connection with the head, are impaired.

In fact we can call it a dislocation.

As with all dislocations, help is needed in order to restore the original (natural) state. Compare it with a shoulder where the upper arm is dislocated from the shoulder: the arm needs to be put back in the shoulder joint.

With the discplacements in the neck we are talking about millimeters. As soon as a displacement has occurred the internal structure of the bone-, muscle-, and joint tissue, which is normally speaking doing everything possible to avoid problems, works to the contrary.

This obviously explains why the complaints are continuously getting worse and more complex after a neck injury due to an accident.

We can rightly say that the misalignment of the upper cervical vertebrae between them- and their connection to the head- is often the cause (or an important co-factor) of a whole range of varying problems.