The treatment

A unique understanding of the possible problems in the structure of the upper three vertebrae amongst them and their relation to the head is the basis of the Collum treatment.

There are various views and treatments of neck and back problems but none of them obtain the results which we do with the Collum treatment.

There was no clear understanding and therefore no treatment based on it for whiplash  The Collum treatment changes that . 

The massage technique (with the help of a massage device) exists since 2009 and the result is very positive for thousands of people.

The massage device has been developed especially for this work and the treatment is completely safe. Usually two treatments with a four to eight week interval are sufficient.

The initial interview

During the initial interview we discuss the complaints you are experiencing, and their possible history. Complaints which are often mentioned are: 


  • Neck, shoulder and back problems;
  • Headache, migraine and balance problems;
  • Attention and focus problems;
  • Digestion problems and nausea;
  • Psycho-emotional problems;
  • Swallowing, throat and voice problems;
  • Complaints after an accident (such as a car accident) which are getting worse and more complex;
  • Complaints arising after an operation with intubation;
  • Problems with the mother and/or child after birth;
  • All kinds of autoimmune complaints;


After this the actual observation follows.

  • First the position of the head and the neck is being carefully observed;
  • Then we look at the compensations of the muscles in the neck;
  • After that the impediments in the mobility of the neck are specifically being observed.

On the basis of this observation we can define and carry out the necessary treatment (massage).

The treatment

The treatment, with the help of a massage device (which is especially designed for this work), follows a well-defined procedure .

The massage treatment is done on the right muscles and has to be perfomed absolutely correct in order to guarantee the desired result.

After a treatment the treated area can be sensitive for a short period of time, or even feel a little bruised. It is also possible for decompensation reactions to occur in the weeks after the treatment. This is a proof that the body is  re-establishing itself.

For a Collum Treatment you choose a practitioner from our list. They have all had the training and obtained the  certificate.